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Dedicated advice to commercial property occupiers on mitigating and minimising business rate liabilities

Through our experience and knowledge of the rating system, we are able to assess and minimise the business rate liabilities of commercial property occupiers.

If excessive assessments are identified, we lodge an appeal with the Valuation Office, with the aim of securing a full refund on past payments and a reduction in rate liability going forward.

We advise clients on office space, industrial and retail premises as well as specialist properties such as hotels, leisure facilities and museums. We also provide strategies to minimise rate liability if a premises is empty, partially occupied or is adversely affected by external factors such as major building work.

Our Services

Complete Mitigation Strategy & Business Rate Assessment Review

  • Determine if the rating assessment is legally valid.
  • Ensure the accommodation matches the assessment both in terms of area and demise.
  • Review the rateable value using our extensive market knowledge.
  • Challenge excessive assessments and secure reductions.
  • Full representation at the Tribunal Service Hearings.
  • Monitor and react to any changes to the property or surroundings over the life of the rating list.

 Business Rate Account Management

  • Forensic rate audit on past payments.
  • Identify and secure all relief’s and exemptions.
  • Provide empty rate mitigation strategies.
  • Full rate payment facility.
  • 24/7 web access to live rate liability position on each property across the portfolio.
  • All refunds tracked, secured and validated.
  • Full representation at the Magistrates Court where invalid demands are contested.

For information about our business rate payment service, please click the link above.