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Simple, centralised commercial property rates payment service

For clients with 20 properties or more in their portfolio, Knight Frank has introduced a specialist rate payment service that simplifies your payments into one single monthly sum.

Why use this service?

We have a specialist team made up of Rating Surveyors and Rate Account Managers who assist with properties Nationwide. We work closely together to make sure that all your demands are met and any reductions are dealt with quickly and efficiently.  

Full payment reporting means absolute transparency on your Rate Payments - every month, on each assessment.

Providing single monthly payments to Knight Frank reduces the administration costs of paying your own rates, plus giving you the assurance that all payments have been verified by a rating specialist. We are in regular contact with all local authorities to make sure your accounts are fully up to date and we are able to stop payments immediately when needed. We also ensure that any entitlements to exemptions and reliefs are not overlooked.

We work closely with surveyors dealing with appeal work, ensuring any reductions are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We can also secure you savings on your empty properties.

You will be allocated your own Rate Account Manager who will be able to assist with any rating queries with your payments.

To find out more about our Rate Payment Services please find our brochure link or alternitevely call Sarah Hegewald on 0207 861 5012.

As well as Rate Payment Services we also include a wide range of services incuding Rate Audit, Empty Property Advice and Rating Valuation Advice. Please download our free brochures for more information or click on the above tabs to find out more about the services we offer.

How it works

As a client of Knight Frank you pay a single, monthly, pre-verified payment. Knight Frank then action the following on your behalf:

  • Liaise with Billing Authorities and the Valuation Office Agency, ensuring they have the most up to date and correct information
  • Submit funds on your behalf (minimum of 20 accounts or properties)
  • Challenge any incorrect demands and validate any amended bills received
  • Verify all refund amounts and ensure these are received promptly and with a detailed breakdown
  • Produce monthly reports for all payments made to the Billing Authorities
  • Historical assessments and payments are also audited to ensure that all liability-saving opportunities are explored and any historical overpayments secured
  • The payment system at Knight Frank is interlinked with our software so it enables cash entries, bank reconciliation and client statements, all of which conform to the RICS requirements