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Understanding the London Business Rates Map

The new Rating List will come into force on 1st April 2017 and this will herald changes to the level of business rates charged across London, with rateable values based on rental levels at 1 April 2015. 

The 2017 rating revaluation will see largest changes to business rates for London businesses for over a decade. London is expected to bear the brunt of the business rates increases; our heat map reflects the anticipated impact businesses will face next year within each submarket.

Those with the strongest increases are in dark red and those in the lowest are in lilac.

The transformation of London into a Global Capital since the last revaluation has resulted in significant changes in demand for fringe locations.

This is readily shown in the rise of the TMT sector around Kings Cross & Silicon Roundabout, the regeneration of Southwark with the iconic Shard along with the transformation of Stratford with the Olympics. Business in these locations are likely to experience some of the biggest increases in rates.

Similarly, the demand for skyscrapers in the core City markets will also see businesses in these locations seeing large changes in rates.

Our map is based on our expertise on Central London and will reflect the best estimate of the likely increase in the rateable values across the various sub markets for 2017. 

Time Line

  • October 2016 – draft 2017 rating assessments published by Valuation Office Agency
  • December 2016 – Autumn Statement to announce changes to appeal regulations for 2017 Rating List.
  • January 2017 – Uniform Business Rate (UBR) to be announced. Transitional Relief ( phasing in of increases / decreases ) to be announced
  • March 2017 – last opportunity to challenge current 2010 Rating List Assessment.
  • April 2017 – new Rating List comes into force

London business rates multiplier


Large Incl. BR5

Medium RV < £55,001

Small RV < £25,500

2010/11 43.4p 41.4p 40.7p
2011/12 45.3p 43.3p 42.6p
2013/14 47.8p 45.8p 45.0p
2014/15 50.2p 48.2p 47.1p
2015/16 51.3p 49.3p 48.0p
2016/17 51.7p 49.7p 48.4p
*Properties located in the City of London will have an additional supplement of 0.5p

How Knight Frank can help you

If you have yet to challenge your current rating assessment then it is certainly worthwhile contacting us to request a professional review prior to the deadline of April 2017.

As part of this service we will also advise you when the draft assessments are published and prepare to challenge the new assessment when it goes live in April 2017, where appropriate.

As one of the leading specialist teams in this sector, we offer a full rates management service which will ensure that this costly overhead is mitigated at every stage.

contact the team:

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