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Specialist Property Investments

Investing in specialist property assets can help protect and smooth out the total return of your portfolio over time and provide a commercial hedge against inflation. 

It can also weather unforeseen market turbulence, absorbing fluctuations in other areas of your portfolio, with assets that tend to be let on long-term leases with indexed rent reviews.

Whether this is your first foray into property investment or you’re a veteran investor our specialists will identify the right investment tailored to your budgets, financial objectives and time-frames.

Why Knight Frank?

Some investors like to look beyond the traditional; diversifying real estate portfolios dilutes risk and enhances return on investment potential.

Working with private individuals, investment houses and institutions our property experts, bolstered by cutting edge market research and ‘off market’ intelligence, regularly advise and negotiate on acquisitions and disposals.

With an unrivalled database of vendors operating in this eclectic sector, whatever your long or short-term strategy – we have the solutions, negotiation skills and expertise to meet your investment needs.

Our areas of expertise

  • Hotels
  • Healthcare
  • Student accommodation
  • Car showrooms
  • Petrol filling stations
  • Car parks
  • Energy & waste



Our services 

  • Acquistions and Disposals
  • Development Funding
  • Competitive bid advice
  • Negotiation and agreement of terms
  • Portfolio audit and analysis