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Pet-friendly rentals in London

Renting with pets? Knight Frank are members of the Dogs Trust Lets with Pets scheme. We specialise in trying to match pet owners with pet friendly landlords, actively encouraging lanlords to consider responsible tenants with furry friends. .

Dog and cat friendly lettings

It is estimated that 48% of the population currently own a pet and almost 5 million live in privately rented accommodation in the UK according to the Dogs Trust which is The UK's largest dog welfare charity.

The Lets with Pets campaign aims to encourage landlords to accept pets, offering pet owners the opportunity to keep their beloved pets, while amplifying rental income for buy-to-let landlords. The campaign website offers downloadable advice booklets and practical tips for landlords and tenants alike.


If you will consider letting your property to tenants with pets, it could be possible for you to maximise your rental return as you will be opening your property up to a far wider audience. By accepting tenants with pets you can increase demand for your property, encourage tenants to stay for longer and attract responsible tenants.

The next steps:

  • Speak to any prospective tenants about their pet before you decide whether to accept it
  • Ask for a written reference from a previous landlord if possible or a vet
  • You can also ask for a CV on the pet
  • f you own a leasehold property, then check that your headlease and managing agents allow pets
  • You need to include a pet clause in the Tenancy Agreement and take a higher deposit if you are concerned about damage to your property


When looking for a property with your pet, you can improve your chances by being prepared and proving that you are a responsible pet owner.

Pet friendly property to rent

Top tips: 

  • Don’t leave your house hunting until the last minute
  • Give yourself plenty of time and allow 6 to 8 weeks
  • Be as flexible as possible
  • Write a CV for your pet
  • Get a reference for your pet from a previous landlord or your vet
  • Introduce your pet to your Landlord
  • If your tenancy is an AST the landlord may ask for a higher rent or for non-AST tenancies please be prepared to pay a higher deposit
  • Be honest, don’t sneak your pet in without permission
  • If your landlord has given you permission to keep a pet, make sure there is a pet clause in the Tenancy Agreement
  • Contact you nearest Knight Frank office to speak to our agents about renting with pets in your area, or search for a pet-friendly property in London

Knight Frank's agents actively work with 100's of London landlords, marketing pet-friendly properties across the capital. Get in touch with one of our agents to see how we can get you and your four-legged friend into your new home as quickly as possible. 

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