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Rural Consultancy & Management

Rural Consultancy Services

Working with private and institutional land & estate owners our rural property consultants enhance value and streamline the day-to-day management of your rural assets. Knight Frank’s Rural Consultancy department provides expert advice on all aspects of rural property in the UK. The depth of expertise is provided through a number of service lines which cover all aspects of Strategic Consultancy, Property Management, Compulsory Purchase and Mapping.

Within those service lines are bespoke teams to provide the management or the finest country house, or institutionally owned estates or even marine property portfolios they will deal with all aspect of the day to day running of an estate and collect the rent, pay the bills and deal with the tenants. Where any portfolio is affected by compulsory purchase our dedicated team is there to assist and where buildings on those estates and portfolios require an expert view our buildings surveying team will help.

The key to any property ownership is to know what you own and our mapping team with the latest GIS technology can digitally map your estate to the nearest few millimetres to ensure boundary issues are dealt with and your property is well protected.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is fundamental to successful management and asset performance. Many of our rural property specialists have either a farming and estate background, equipping them with the experience and expertise needed to steer rural asset profitability on course. We explore every possible avenue to maximise the value or output of rural property helping your businesses improve through the highest quality bespoke advice. Bolstered by our rural research team, our experts produce industry-leading reports and access the latest information on agricultural land values, legislation and analysis of the issues affecting rural property ownership and farming in the UK.

Strategic work can be carried out on a one off or on a regular basis; using the latest technology and drawing on leading rural market research we measure performance against industry benchmarks, targeting areas that may need improvement. In some cases, individual components of an estate can be addressed or a complete appraisal may be required.


  • Planning for the needs of the next generation, including Capital Taxes planning
  • Enhancing the value of the property
  • Obtaining the optimum return by increasing revenue, diversifying income streams and, where appropriate, reducing costs
  • Forensic assessment of the performance of existing specific enterprises
  • Maximising potential by identifying and planning for development opportunities

Renewables Consultancy

Renewable energy can deliver significant new income streams for landowners. But in a sector where technology, government policy and financial support are in flux, expert and trusted advice is vital to maximise the potential returns on investment from renewable energy. The majority of rural properties, due to their location and often historic nature, will require bespoke renewable energy solutions. Our specialists can appraise your property and provide advice on which technologies would be sensible for your circumstances and how they might work for you.

Our Renewables Team delivers innovative renewable energy solutions to some of the UK’s leading rural landowners and developers. As the world’s leading independent property business we also have access to a wide range of complementary expertise, including Planning, Mapping and Building Consultancy teams.

Our Renewables Team has experience in the following technologies and areas:

  • Solar Photovoltaic;
  • Biomass Boilers;
  • Hydroelectricity;
  • Wind;
  • Anaerobic Digestion;
  • Solar Thermal;
  • Ground Source Heat;
  • Air Source Heat;
  • Marine Energy;
  • Energy Storage.

Marine Consultancy

Specialists in marine property across the UK Marine property in the UK is an extremely diverse asset class. It encompasses estuaries, ports marinas, cliff tops, beaches and extends over the sea bed where, increasingly, off-shore renewable energy installations are being constructed.

As such, the rules governing ownership and access rights are complex and often archaic. Interpreting this legislation requires skill and experience, especially as every marine property tends to have its own unique set of issues.

Marine Property Consultancy team Knight Frank has expertise across all areas of land and property, within the UK and across the world. With over 15 years’ experience in Marine Consultancy, our team can provide guidance on a range of issues from planning, sales and acquisitions, through to development, valuations and compensation.

Our clients range from commercial marina operators to the UK’s largest landowners, including The Crown Estate. We also act for private property owners, funds, local authorities, utility firms and renewable energy firms.

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