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Agricultural Land For Sale in the UK

UK farmland is becoming increasingly popular as an investment.

Our Agricultural Investment department is the only professional team in the market specialising solely in the acquisition of farmland and other agricultural investments. 

What we do

We advise commercial farmers, funds, private investors and institutional organisations on the acquisition of farmland and other agricultural investments such as dairy and poultry businesses.

We also provide strategic advice on how to generate the greatest returns from any acquisitions and how to enhance their capital values.

Headed by Clive Hopkins, our Agricultural Investment team buys land marketed publicly and privately in off-market deals, while having access to all sales, not just those marketed by Knight Frank. We can also help existing owners release capital by creating discrete sale-and-leaseback arrangements with investors.

Why invest in UK farmland?

  • Capital growth: Average values have more than doubled in the past 10 years and further growth is predicted
  • Diversification: Farmland can be used to generate a wide range of income streams, such as renewable energy, in addition to agricultural returns.
  • Yield enhancement: With careful management it is possible to increase significantly yields and capital values
  • A tangible, transparent asset: The UK's secure land tenure rights and strong legal framework make farmland an attractive asset for investors looking to protect their capital
  • Demographics: A rising global population, changing consumption trends and food security issues help to underpin agricultural land values
  • Tax efficient: With the correct ownership and management structures, farmland can benefit from a number of tax reliefs

Managing your land investment

In conjunction with Knight Frank’s Rural Consultancy department we also provide on-going strategic and day-to-day investment land management and farm management advice to purchasers to help them maximise the returns and capital value of their agricultural investments.