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Occupier Market Insights

Crossing Over to the Future
Addleshaw Goddard’s relocation across the road in Leeds puts people, technology and innovation first.
Its space but not as we know it
As work changes in nature and method, so the role of the workplace will evolve to meet future needs. Adaptation to a new supply side dynamic has begun.
London’s changing workforce - getting older and more diverse
Far from being taken over by Millennials, London’s workforce is getting older and more diverse. The property world will need to adapt accordingly. 
The rapid transformation of the global insurance sector: Navigating a new path to growth
Innovative new business models are being adopted by the insurance sector, resulting in a resetting of the corporate real estate portfolio, with an increased willingness to relocate in order to tap into new talent pools and knowledge/innovation networks.
How technology is forcing Manchester's traditional occupiers to change their real estate needs
A sizeable part of Manchester’s occupational market sits below the waterline of the tech iceberg. More traditional but no less influential occupier groups – such as lawyers, accountants, retail banks, insurers – are themselves being radically disrupted by the application of technology. They are forced to turn to tech talent to transform their business and retain competitiveness.
Legal Services: Thinking outside the box, Central London
What do Vauxhall and Notting Hill have in common? Somewhat surprisingly, they are both now locations for law firm activities. In our view, this is just the beginning of law firms creating new types of space outside of traditional legal sector clusters in order to achieve a broader set of strategic objectives.  
Legal services sector: 'Focus and transform'  
The legal services sector is facing an unprecedented amount of change, driven by a range of technological, economic and demographic factors as well as shifting client demands.  In light of this law firm leaders are increasingly having to adopt and manage two often seemingly conflicting strategies at once. This first is to focus on delivering sustainable growth and the second is to transform the business. This increased complexity requires a thorough consideration of how real estate can positively influence each strategy.  
The Legal Services Sector: Central London
The main narrative regarding the activity of law firms within the Central London market tends to centre on reduced square footage. While it would be correct to state that, in response to cost pressures, London-based law firms have reduced space requirements, it would only convey part of the story.
As occupational markets continue to challenge, landlords need to be agile in their thinking
With relative inactivity from national retailers, landlords are thinking laterally to keep their centres full and vibrant.
The Legal Services Sector: Manchester takes the crown for UK legal service sector take-up
13% of office take-up in Manchester last year involved law firms, this was higher than any other UK city. The overwhelming majority of the deals were relocations to space in higher quality offices in amenity rich, well connected city centre locations.  
The Legal Services Sector: The office as a centre of innovation
New technologies, disruptive market entrants, shifting workforce preferences and changing client demands. These powerful forces are transforming what lawyers do and how they do it.
What needs to change in the world of office leasing? Everything.
James Nicholson, Partner in Knight Frank's Strategic Consulting team, on how occupiers are being taken for a ride when it comes to leasing traditional office space. 
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