Exceptional People

Our Exceptional People

Henry Faun

Associate Partner, International Project Marketing, Dubai

I’ve visited more than ten Middle Eastern countries and am learning Arabic.

While on Knight Frank’s graduate scheme in London, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity of undertaking a secondment in the new Dubai office. My time there sparked a real interest in the Middle East; I wanted to learn more about its culture, people and real estate. I went on to relocate there on a longer-term basis.

The first six months were challenging at times, but Dubai’s welcoming community made it much easier to settle and I soon developed a keen appreciation of the broad spread of cultures and business environments there.

I have now travelled to more than ten countries in the Middle East and have a much better understanding of its markets as a result. I’ve even started studying Arabic! I can’t recommend moving abroad enough; the amount you’ll learn about yourself and your surroundings is limitless.

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