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Six of the Best Offices in London for Satellite, Project and Overflow Space

Best offices in London

The hunt for serviced office space in London can be lengthy, unless you use a broker. On top of hundreds of office space options, one of the problems with today’s changing office landscape is its ever-growing list of jargon. Sometimes, you know exactly what you want from a serviced office, but you’re not sure how to find it, or what the thing you want is called. 

One of the most confusing strings of lingo is the term ‘satellite office’, which, despite the name, isn’t peacefully orbiting the earth. The term is commonly used in the US, but more sparsely used here in the UK. It seems to be interchangeable with ‘project space’ and ‘overflow space’, even though the three mean very different things.

We’ll run you through what a satellite office is, what a project space is, what an overflow space is and show you six of the best offices in London to refine your search. 

What is a satellite office? 

A satellite office is often a by-product of growing your business. It’s a new office space you choose to rent out, usually in a different area (or country) to your main office. 

If its purpose is to break into a new market, setting up a satellite office might also be referred to as setting up a local office.

Why do companies open up satellite offices? 

A growing headcount, deciding to tap into a new local market or trying to access a new cohort of talent can all be reasons to set up a satellite office. 

For businesses that are scaling up, a satellite office allows your existing workforce to stay settled, but opens up new pockets of talent that an extensive commute would otherwise write off. Giving these new employees an actual coworking space rather than asking them to work from home can help them feel valued. 

What is a project space?  

A project space is an office that is set up to fulfil a specific purpose. This could be set up internally or, in the common instance that you don’t have space just sitting there, it’s often set up away from your company’s HQ. Coworking corporates, who are familiar with flexible workspace options, do this frequently.

While a project space is physically separate from a company’s main site, it can be within walking distance to help maintain the connection between the two. It’s a home away from home specifically dedicated to a project.

Why do companies set up project spaces?

Project spaces are usually rented out to house a fixed-term project that a business wants to take place outside of the office’s main HQ. Sometimes, separating projects from the business-as-usual environment can help inspire innovation.

A company which is transforming, for example, might want to invite certain departments to work in a dedicated project space to fully remove themselves from habitual patterns of thought. By doing so, new patterns of thought and new ways of working can begin to form. 

The art of giving a project a dedicated space colours it with a sense of importance, legitimacy and focus.

By physically removing yourself from your everyday space, you’re psychologically stepping away from your day to day routine and breaking down well-formed habits. Naturally, you’re more inclined to be creative and think outside of the box.
Jack McGinley
Jack McGinley
Senior Surveyor

What is overflow space?

An overflow space does what it says on the tin. It’s extra office space to house more people – as and when needed. 

Why do companies need overflow space?

Carrying spare space is expensive business. Companies can be lean with their permanent office space, then take on flexible overflow space in times of need. 

If you’re scaling up and growing your headcount, you might not be ready to resize your office completely. On the other hand, if your business has seasonal waves of busyness when certain times of the year require extra hands on deck, an overflow space can house a temporary team.

Six of the best offices in London 

Project spaces, satellite offices and overflow spaces need the same qualities to thrive: flexibility, zero set-up, collaborative amenities and inspiring interiors. So while their meanings are different, their requirements overlap. 

Whether you’re looking to open up a new office in London to recruit the city’s brainy graduates, need a dedicated space to focus on a year-long project, or house a growing team, here are six spaces to help you hit the ground running. And if you need a more exhaustive list of the best offices in London, we’ve got you covered.


2 Southbank Place

With impressive views of the London Eye and Big Ben, this calm yet colourful space caters to all tastes. You’ll have private offices, conference rooms, soundproofed alcoves for private calls and casual common areas. It’s perfect for kickstarting a new creative project or meeting local talent in your new satellite office.

Plus, there’s a meditation room, a games lounge, showers and bike storage. It’s in one of London’s best-connected locations.

Best for: Creative space and transport links
Closest to: Waterloo station (0.2 miles)

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2 Kingdom Street

Neighbouring many prosperous businesses, this office space in Paddington sits in the hustle and bustle of gyms, cafes, restaurants and bars. 

The office space has been intentionally designed to make the most of natural light and views across West London. The contemporary workspace is complete with a luxury café, shared spaces and an impressive reception. 

Best for: A range of companies and out-of-town commuters
Closest to: Paddington station (0.3 miles)

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The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street

Situated on floors 24 and 25 of the Shard, the iconic address of this space is bound to impress an international market, making it the perfect satellite office.

Flooded with natural light and fitted out with contemporary interiors, you’ll choose from coworking space and furnished offices, and enjoy access to a lounge, event space and meeting rooms.

Best for: International prestige and breath-taking views
Closest to: London Bridge station (0.1 miles)

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85 Gresham Street

Situated in the heart of the City, this space is within walking distance from both Bank and St Paul’s station. The building neighbours plenty of restaurants and sits directly opposite the Guildhall, famed for its stunning medieval architecture. 

The office space boasts bike storage, breakout spaces, showers, event spaces, meeting rooms and video conferencing, as well as partnerships with five-star venues. 

Best for: Financial firms needing overflow or project space
Closest to: St Paul’s station (0.2 miles)

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123 Victoria St

This option lets you personally customise your office space, from internal layout to design. So if you’re looking to open up a satellite office in London, or want your company’s branding throughout your overflow space, this will help your employees feel totally at home. 

The trendy office space is flooded with natural light. As well as floor-to-ceiling windows, communal areas are haloed by a light-filled atrium. You’ll also enjoy socials, video conferencing, showers and indoor phone booths. 

Best for: Truly making your brand at home 
Closest to: Victoria station (0.2 miles)

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42-46 Princelet Street 

This contemporary office space is situated in the creative quarter of Shoreditch. With its range of office space, the site offers any business a strong platform to grow. 

As well as breakout areas, you’ll enjoy a fully stocked bar and kitchen. And if you’re keen to boost your business’s reach, you’ll be able to host your own events in a dedicated social space.

Best for: Creative and tech companies ready to thrive
Closest to: Shoreditch High Street station (0.3 miles)

Learn more about this office space in Shoreditch.

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