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The Most Insta Worthy Coworking Spaces in London

Coworking spaces in london

When it comes to finding a coworking space in London, why would you choose a dull, windowless room when you can find an insta-worthy one that inspires creativity, productivity and focus?

Insta-worthiness has developed market value. Luxury office space, design-led restaurants and even beautifully structured food take precedence over the ordinary.

A killer photo is in high demand. Diners are even prioritising restaurants that produce insta-worthy meals over those that don’t.

But insta-worthiness doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing style over substance – especially when it comes to serviced, coworking spaces in London.

What makes a London coworking space insta-worthy?

Biophilic design is probably one of the most insta-worthy features an office space can have. The term was coined after the theory of ‘Biophilia’ – the ‘innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes.’

It’s why we have a fascination with the outside world – hence many people’s inherent desire to escape to the countryside or live by the sea.

Big windows that allow us to watch the weather change, earthy tones that mimic natural landscapes and elements like water or greenery root us in a sense of calm, boost productivity and increase wellbeing.

Research has shown that maintaining and improving your office environment can boost staff loyalty by 53%. But improving it with biophilic design, in particular, can “engender a sense of belonging” and compensate for some of the “challenges that come with more impersonal spaces.”

Plus, UK charity Mind reports that incorporating nature indoors can reduce stress, improve confidence and boost self-esteem – which is critical amid a stress epidemic. In the latest release from the ONS, 15.8 million working days were lost in 2016 alone due to stress, depression and anxiety.

We’re seeing a rise in employee-focused office design. Businesses want more than just space, because they know that the right environment can help their organisation thrive.
Amanda Lim
Amanda Lim
Head of Flexible Office Solutions

Great views of London and original, awe-inspiring décor are two other features that boost an office’s insta-worthiness; but it’s important they don’t compromise on a space’s functionality.

The most insta-worthy coworking spaces in London

We’ve compiled a list of coworking spaces in London that have just as much substance as they do style. Despite being totally picture perfect, they’re bound to boost employee retention, concentration, happiness and health.

White Collar Factory, 1 Old Street Yard, London, EC1Y 8AF

These cool Scandinavian interiors are lined with panel wood flooring, floor to (almost) ceiling windows and an industrial-style colour palette.

Cold greys and layered textures pattern the space, while plush, tempting sofas and floods of warm light thaw the office into a total sense of calm.

Like every insta-worthy backdrop, this coworking space is punctuated with plants. Pockets of green bloom from stone, brass and silver hues. Naturally, these elements of biophilic design are proven to boost serenity, improve wellbeing and help us focus.

But the most insta-worthy angle has to be its rooftop terrace, which offers incredible views of London. Other picture-perfect perks include a courtyard, cafés, restaurants and even a 150m rooftop running track.

The Media Works, Dorando Close, London, W12 7TU

Bold, colourful and packing a punch, this coworking space in London makes you feel like you’re stepping into a new realm.

Pink, green and orange prints of funky art lace the walls. The ceiling’s black and white stripes are contrasted with bright yellow splashes.

Together, they echo an inner-city-road aesthetic: think zebra crossings and diversion signs. This vibe is matched with meeting room names like “Steve’s Garage”.

The space’s vibrancy breeds creativity, but its insta-worthiness probably lies most prominently in its meditation tent or metal-framed break-out tipis.

2-6 Boundary Row, London, SE1 8HP

In 2014, this London coworking space underwent a full-blown Alice in Wonderland revamp.

Fully fit with larger-than-life teacups, stunning roses which bloom from hedges, playing card themed meeting rooms and a statue of Alice herself, bursting through the ceiling.

From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel as if you’re stepping onto a film set, or into Alice’s Curious Labyrinth in Disneyland.

Beyond its insta-worthiness, this artistic coworking space is best for businesses who value creativity. Combined with its unworldly aesthetic, it boasts 24/7 access, bike storage, breakout spaces and social events.

Nova North, 11 Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5BY

This luxury coworking space in London boasts beauty inside and out. Its sumptuous interiors are only half of the picture.

With a roof terrace that gives you panoramic views of some of London’s most famous landmarks, you’ll have the perfect backdrop to a candid snap.

Its three floors of serviced office space include cool-coloured textured walls, as well as green living walls to induce focus and calm.

The unique, design-led lighting features create a deluxe feel, and plush steel-coloured sofas snake through the space to create exclusive pod-like seating. With geometric flooring and wooden-grids on the ceiling, the office space is awe-inducing.

Amanda Lim

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