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Open House or Private Viewing? Which is the best way to sell your property?

When a high number of applicants register their interest in a property, estate agents often turn to viewings 'en masse', held between given time slots on a particular day.

But is the open house style of selling lazy marketing? Should an estate agent be doing more to secure a sale? Do individual viewings guarantee a higher bid? 'Honest Answer' presenter Sarah Walker questions the popular method of selling property while Knight Frank experts offer their opinion.

Nick Loweth, Head of Berkshire sales, says that private one-to-one viewings tend to be more productive and open houses should be avoided where possible as you may lose the best buyers who are unable to attend.

"You can get more from a buyer, focusing your energy on them individually than a room full of buyers", he explains.

However, James Pace, Head of Chelsea and South Kensington, thinks that open house viewing have their time and place, especially when you need to get as many people through the door as possible.

"If you want to achieve best possible price for your house you need to get footfall through your front door and you need the right people in. The problem with open houses is that they tend to have a time limit on them so you don't know if you're going to get the best possible price". 

Opting for an open house? 

Pace adds: "Make sure you don't push the price of your property too high as you won't get people through the door. Buyers know when a property is overpriced and they simply won't come."

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