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Knight Frank Henley Testimonials

Many of our clients write to express how pleased they have been with the service they received from us. Below are a selection of recent testimonials:

"I would like to express my gratitude to Knight Frank in Henley-on-Thames for their excellent services regarding the sale of our house. When we made the difficult decision to move from the countryside into the town after 27 years in our much loved family home, we turned to Knight Frank as they have managed our rental properties for years to a very high standard. Matthew Mannell met with us to market our property and was both charming and professional. He, and his team, not only secured the smooth sale of our property but also found and secured the purchase of our new home in town. Always kind and helpful through the emotional turmoil, I would not hesitate to recommend their services. Thank you so much, you somehow managed to take the stress out of a very stressful situation."

Mrs C Taylor, Vendor, March 2017

"We spoke on the telephone frequently and over a long period during the anxiety-ridden sale Glebe House, which finally exchanged and completed successfully before Christmas. My sisters and step-family were all extremely pleased as well at the result you achieved on behalf of my mother and late step-father. For my part our frequent, valuable and very good humoured exchanges by telephone about progress were a pleasure and I would have no hesitation in introducing further client work to you in the Thames Valley and the Chilterns in the light of that experience. Thank you audibly going the extra yard and achieving an amiable, successful conclusion. My elderly mother is delighted that the purchasers of the house she owned for 27 years sound from the neighbours to be extremely suitable too"

Mrs White and family, Vendors, January 2016

"When we wanted to sell our characterful large old house in a village outside Henley in 2015, I was tempted to use one of the cheaper alternatives to a traditional estate agent, given most of the ‘marketing’ appeared to be via the main property search websites. I am however, really pleased we went with Knight Frank. The initial preparation of the marketing content and the process was all handled very well and professionally, as you would expect. However, the real added value came later in two parts from Matthew Mannall our main contact there. Firstly he introduced a number of qualified potential buyers to the property who would not have necessarily considered it without his influence. Secondly, he helped very significantly in the negotiation stage with the buyer we sold to, and in nurturing the deal through to exchange of contracts. It would have been very easy for us to have lost a significant sum without his advice and support. It’s always stressful selling houses, but I would not hesitate to recommend Matthew Mannall and the team at Knight Frank"

Mrs Mosey, Vendor, January 2016

"Matt and his team approached the task with sensitivity, intelligence, grace and kindness - not necessarily attributes I would have expected from estate agents ! Knight Frank Henley have facilitated a great sale and this makes it much easier for me in moving forward to the next stage of my life. Thanks Matt"

Mrs Olins, Vendor, January 2016

"I do appreciate Knight Frank's prompt and friendly service and was very pleased how Nick and especially Matt dealt with our sale, complicated as it was! We are very happy in our new home and still can’t believe it all worked out so well. So I am extremely grateful for all you did for us"

Mrs B, Vendor, September 2015

"I've used Knight Frank to sell each of my houses in Henley. They know the local market and go the extra mile in order to get you that all important sale no matter how long or protracted the sale process becomes. I've used Knight Frank to sell each of my houses in Henley. They're a professional and personable team you'd happily go down the pub with and when people buy people, that's vital when selling anything. Thank you again KF!!"

Mr Pickup, Vendor, August 2015

"I wanted to drop you a line to say how very impressed I was with the way Alexander dealt with the sale of our property. It was not an easy sale as I'm sure you are aware. I believe that without Alexander's hard work and professionalism the sale would not have gone through. He was always approachable and appreciated the difficult situation regarding the sale. And we had the occasional laugh which made me feel better! I would recommend Knight Frank to anyone and have been singing Alexander's praises"

Mrs S Reed, Vendor, February2015