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Solar Photovoltaic

Solar Photovoltaic systems (PV) are panels that convert sunlight into electricity. This electricity can be used within the home or business, with any excess being exported to the National Grid. Panels can be fixed to the roofs of domestic, commercial or agricultural properties. They can also be set up as freestanding units.

Solar PV is best suited to properties with appropriate roof space (south-facing is ideal) that will be retained for a period sufficient to generate enough electricity to recoup installation costs. Properties that use most of their electricity during the hours of daylight will see the greatest cost savings.

How you benefit

Solar PV is a fast moving market. Both the subsidies and costs in this sector of renewable energy have changed considerably over the last 18 months. Our experts are up to date with current returns available and can recommend high quality installers. Unlike many others, we do this whilst remaining truly impartial, to provide you with the best advice possible and recommend what is right for you.



  • Small-scale schemes are relatively inexpensive and uncomplicated to install on roofs, providing the roof is structurally strong enough to cope with the extra weight.
  • Minimal running costs and virtually no maintenance.
  • Planning consent is often not needed for rooftop schemes and they can be used in environmentally sensitive areas where other renewable energy technologies, like wind turbines, would be considered inappropriate.



  • Aesthetics need to be considered.
  • Generation is limited to daylight hours and output will drop the further north a scheme is located, or if the optimum orientation of the panels cannot be achieved.