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Strategic Rural Planning Services

Through strategic planning and analysis our rural property consultants enhance value and streamline the day-to-day management of your rural assets.

Strategic planning is fundamental to successful management and asset performance. Many of our rural property specialists have either a farming or estate background, equipping them with the experience and expertise needed to steer rural asset profitability on course.

Why Knight Frank

Our rural planning services allow clients to stand back, identify and prioritise matters of real importance. From identifying creative ways to diversify land to employing intelligent estate management techniques and overseeing contractors, our strategic planning services allow assets to increase in value now, and in the future.

Strategic work can be carried out on a one off or on a regular basis; using the latest technology and drawing on leading rural market research we measure performance against industry benchmarks, targeting areas that may need improvement. In some cases, individual components of an estate can be addressed or a complete appraisal may be required.


  • Planning for the needs of the next generation, including Capital Taxes planning
  • Enhancing the value of the property
  • Obtaining the optimum return by increasing revenue, diversifying income streams and, where appropriate, reducing costs
  • Forensic assessment of the performance of existing specific enterprises
  • Maximising potential by identifying and planning for development opportunities

The Strategic Planning service will appeal particularly to:

  • Trustees who are interested in a health check to ensure that the properties they are responsible for are complying and performing satisfactorily
  • Landowners who are concerned about improving performance and take full advantage of latent opportunity, whilst achieving their other objectives
  • Purchasers who see value in a blueprint Master Plan to guide their use and enjoyment of the property they have bought, and assist in planning investment


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What our clients say

“One of the best decisions we took was appointing Knight Frank – and James Del Mar specifically – to look after our legacy properties.

"You have brought order and expertise to an area that previously was a major worry and now we have sensible strategies on our legacy properties."

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