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Marine Property Agents & Marine Property For Sale 

Our Marine Property advisers maximise the income from your marine property, enhance value and protect marine assets from potential risks. 

Oundle Marina Village, Peterborough

Oundle Marina Village, Peterborough

Specialists in marine property across the UK

Marine property in the UK is an extremely diverse asset class. It encompasses estuaries, ports marinas, cliff tops, beaches and extends over the sea bed where, increasingly, off-shore renewable energy installations are being constructed.

As such, the rules governing ownership and access rights are complex and often archaic. Interpreting this legislation requires skill and experience, especially as every marine property tends to have its own unique set of issues.

Why use the Knight Frank Marine Property Consultancy team

Knight Frank has expertise across all areas of land and property, within the UK and across the world. With over 15 years’ experience in Marine Consultancy, our team can provide guidance on a range of issues from planning, sales and acquisitions, through to development, valuations and compensation.

Who we work for

Our clients range from commercial marina operators to the UK’s largest landowners, including The Crown Estate. We also act for private property owners, funds, local authorities, utility firms and renewable energy firms.

How we help

We provide advice on all marine property types and issues, including the following:


We help to buy, rent, sell or value marinas, provide landlord-tenant services, offer advice on the acquisition of new sites and project development and enhance the potential of existing sites.


We help property owners affected by Compulsory Purchase Orders for the construction of new bridges or those who need to renegotiate existing agreements.

Moorings and slipways

We buy, sell, rent, value or renegotiate new rights and act as an expert witness in disputes.


We provide transactional advice for existing port developments, acquire new land for expansion plans, assist with planning issues for new developments, renegotiate existing agreements and provide landlord-tenant services.

Reclamation, dredging and minerals

We provide advice on ownership rights and transactional issues.

Pipelines and cables

We act for property owners affected by Compulsory Purchase Orders for new pipelines and cables and where there is no conflict provide advice to acquiring authorities. 


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