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Knight Frank’s HS2 team has over 100 years' combined experience advising land and property owners affected by the proposed London to Birmingham High Speed Rail Link or HS2.

Property owners affected by HS2 have vowed to raise the £100,000 needed to continue their legal battle against HS2, despite the High Court recently ruling against them in four of five Judicial Reviews.

Why use the Knight Frank HS2 team

Unlike some other consultants, the Knight Frank team works only for property owners, not HS2 Ltd.

We therefore have no conflicts of interest and can provide you with unbiased, expert advice.

If you are affected by the London to Birmingham high speed rail link and would like further information on HS2 compensation, compulsory purchase, statutory blight or property valuations please contact any member of our HS2 team.

HS2 service

Dealing with past large infrastructure schemes such as HS1, Crossrail, the M25 and Stansted Airport, the Knight Frank HS2 team has detailed, expert knowledge and a vast database of comparable properties.

This enables us to advise on compensation, compulsory purchase, statutory blight and other issues faced by property owners affected by this potential obstacle.

Even once construction starts and the London to Birmingham HS2 Rail link is operational, current compensation legislation for noise and other blight factors, particularly the impact on the enjoyment of a view, is either too slow to kick in or unsatisfactory in its breadth of coverage.

While Knight Frank takes no position on the merits or otherwise of the scheme, it believes that the UK’s current planning system, and the time it takes to implement large infrastructure schemes, causes an unacceptable amount of uncertainty for those affected.

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