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Block Management Consultancy & Mobilisation

Knight Frank’s Management Consultancy team advise clients on the effective management of their residential and mixed use developments in order to fulfil resident expectations, provide an appropriate level of Landlord services and ensure cost effectiveness.

Our Consultancy Services:

  • Early design guidance to ensure the development allows for effective management
  • Advice on an appropriate management structure for the development
  • Guidance on staffing strategy including concierge staff, management and back of house support
  • Operational advice on cleaning, maintenance, waste management and Health & Safety
  • Devising strategies for management of top end residential amenities and leisure facilities
  • Information regarding customer care and defects procedure
  • Estimated service charge budgets with apportionment schedules to ensure full recovery
  • Advice on protocols for recovery of service charges and other costs
  • Register of critical issues to ensure creative solutions can be found for complex management issue
  • Lease review to ensure that leases reflect the proposed operational and management advice
  • Service charge benchmarking to ensure costs are appropriate for the service provided and market parameters


The mobilisation process looks to combine the advice provided in the management strategy with the Landlord’s vision and resident expectations, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the development is ready for occupation on the day of practical completion.

Our mobilisation services:

  • Production of a set-up budget
  • Recruitment of staff and initial training
  • Regular client progress meetings
  • Bespoke mobilisation diary to ensure deadlines are met
  • Contract procurement
  • Specialist consultant procurement e.g. M&E consultants, leisure suite management consultants
  • Devising building protocols
  • Agreeing moving-in protocols
  • Accounting system set up
  • Preparation of initial budget pack for lessees

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