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Institutional Valuations

About us

Our Institutional Property team offers expert valuation services for schools, colleges, former care homes, convents, conference centres and other institutional properties throughout the UK.

Why Knight Frank Institutional Property?

This niche area requires specialist knowledge and a sound understanding of the businesses that use this type of property. Our experts have extensive experience in advising institutional property owners, developers and investors while navigating complex challenges relating to institutional returns, ownership and occupational structures, and the requirements of the Charity Commission and funding bodies. 

Our valuations services

  • Development funding valuations
  • Site and property appraisals
  • Corporate recovery services
  • Litigation & expert witness
  • Land use studies
  • Viability reports
  • Investment portfolio valuation and consultancy
  • Asset valuation
  • Valuation analysis & commentary

Client groups

  • D1 property owners
  • C2 property owners
  • Sui generis property owners
  • Trusts / charities
  • Government bodies / public sector organisations
  • Independent, private and free schools
  • Colleges and universitities
  • Training / conference centres
  • Former care homes / nursing homes / extra care and assisted living operators
  • Retirement housing and other specialist elderly housing providers
  • Convents / monasteries / religious orders
  • Occupiers of large institutional buildings with alternative use potential