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Sourcing and securing office space in Central London

The dedicated Central London Tenant Representation team provides strategic advice to a range of business sectors in relation to the acquisition and occupation of office space in the capital.

Working specifically with tenants we analyse the business needs and objectives of our clients and match them to the optimal property solution and location.

Central London Office Market: London 2020

In a city that never sleeps and is forever constantly changing, it's hard to say what it will be like in 6 months, never mind 6 years. Today, Knight Frank does just that and sets out its 2020 vision for the central London office market.

Why Knight Frank

Adopting a specialist approach to working with tenants in Central London, we take the time to get to know you and your business. Working closely with our research teams, we execute in-depth analysis of various leasing options, including transport studies and workplace assessments, and the financial implications associated with each scenario. 

As well as providing transactional support, we also offer in-house spatial analysis and project management advice. Our role is to highlight where and how a tenant can reduce costs, improve employee engagement and increase productivity.


Our Services

Our approach includes the following services:

  • Full market research and analysis, including review of off-market opportunities
  • Financial modelling and forecasts
  • Negotiation of optimum lease terms on new leases and lease renewals (including incentives, alienation and rent review provisions)
  • Audit of service charges
  • Mitigating and minimising current and on-going business rate liabilities (including business rate payment management)
  • Maximising working efficiencies through optimal space planning solutions
  • Sourcing and managing contractors for fit-outs and refurbishments
  • Advise and support on ‘yielding up’ – advising on repair and reinstatement obligations at the end of a lease