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Digi Bytes, the future of the workplace series

Register your interest in our workplace series of breakfast events sharing insights into the current Digital Transformation and its impact on the future of the workplace and real estate. The series will inform and equip you to become a digital ambassador for your business. The events will also be supported by a number of educational blogs so you can follow the topics of discussion online. 


Digital analytics - Big Brother or best friend?  

The Internet of Things (ToT) is one of the mega trends that is currently happening and transforming our lives.

In our domestic world, we are starting to engage with technology.  Next year all Samsung products, including fridges and washing machines will be IoT enabled. In parallel, we are now seeing more and more intelligence and sensors in the workplace as well as data driven from wifi, access control or even your key strokes on your computer. 

The data available feels beyond comprehension but companies are now integrating data sources to provide real insight into workplace activity and experience, both historically, in real time and predictively. 

However there are increasing concerns around privacy, both in the workplace and at home, with some people voting to switch off location services; whilst the GDPR legislation in 2018 and other regulation is starting to respond to such concerns. This session will seek to balance the benefits and fears of workplace analytics. 


The breakfast event will take place in White City. Date to be confirmed soon. 

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To register your interest in attending the Digi Bytes event series, please click the link below. 


*Please note places are limited.

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To be announced soon. 

DISCLAIMER: "Digi Bytes: the future of the workplace" series is a series of events organised and hosted by Knight Frank LLP in relation to real estate matters. It has no connection, affiliation or association with DigiByte Blockchain or other any cryptocurrency or blockchain, nor does it endorse or promote the same by this series or in any other way.

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