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Portfolio analysis, acquisition and disposal services

With unrivalled insight and access to global capital flows, we provide tailored portfolio analysis, acquisition and disposal services, based on the short and longer term investment objectives of our clients.

Investment Acquisitions

Full market research and reporting

  • Identification and analysis of opportunities including off-market sales
  • Full due diligence (including opportunities that have been previously introduced)
  • Preparation of investment summaries on all potential acquisitions
  • Pre-acquisition reports

Shortlisting of preferred and recommended assets

  • Carrying out detailed inspections and subsequent SWOT analysis
  • Liaison with vendors and their advisors

Detailed cash flow analysis

  • Including advice on purchase mechanism and financing options

Contract Negotiations, advice and recommendation

  • Full level due diligence, including all surveys and appraisals
  • Agreement and negotiation of Heads of Terms
  • Advice on purchase price and finalisation of acquistion with full purchase report
  • Liaison with legal and all professional teams throughout
Investment Sales and Disposals

Full Market research and portfolio analysis

  • Hold / Sell analysis and recommendations

Marketing, PR and sales strategy

  • Advice on financial modelling and pricing
  • Pre-sale due diligence, including surveys and formal appraisals
  • Production of marketing materials and management of PR activity
  • Proactive targeting and marketing to a global investor database

Management of bids and sale process

  • Purchaser / Agent negotiations
  • Liaison with legal and all professional teams throughout